Hey, I recently launched Jamstacker

Unlimited web design & web development with Versoly & Tailwind .

Serendipity in the wild.

Serendipity has been ported to a variety of interfaces, find the one you need and get the code or instrucciones how to set it up from the repository.

*Every repository has detailed information on how to apply them with text and images, you can also preview the images.
Platforms Midnight Sunset Light Link
Code editors
Vs Code Install
Open VSX Install
CodeSandbox Install
Highlight.js Install
Json-Viewer Install
Windows Terminal Install
iTerm2 Install
Linear App Install
YouTube Install
Mattermost Install
Slack Channel Install
Discord Install
Bear Blog Install
Instatus Install
CSS Install
Sass Install
Tailwind CSS Install
Daisy UI Install
ACO Get files
ASE Get Files